Ep004 – What’s With All Of The Updates?

Software updates are a regular, necessary element of technology. Lately though they seem to be coming all of the time, and for photo booth owners this can be a nightmare. This week I talk about the importance of the updates, why you need them for Windows and your photo booth software, and why they’re coming like machine gun fire lately.

Ep003 – Being Realistic About Your Goals

We all want to shoot to the top with success. However, an important factor in business success is knowing how to set realistic goals for your business as well as yourself. This week I talk about some very basic ways to set realistic goals for your business and the importance of avoiding disappointment by turning it into a learning experience. Whether you are brand new to the business or you’re a veteran booth owner, avoiding unrealistic goals is a crucial component in maintaining your growth and success.

Ep002 – Copyright Law and Your Photo Booth

In a previous life I did a podcast episode on Copyright law and how it effects your photo booth business.  This week I have resurrected that recording.  It’s not exciting information to be sure, but it is terribly important information.  Knowing the facts can save you all manner of aggravation when it comes to using images on your templates.  So kick back and let the knowledge flow over you.

Ep001 – Getting Out There

This first episode goes over the basics of getting your photo booth business out there.  Three simple tenets of website usage, digital and social media advertising, and some old-school approaches.  Even if you are already using all of these methods, it is always worth revisiting your setup and approach.